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Artist Nicole of Stone Willow jewellery. Handmade sterling silver gemstone jewelry with a natural feel. A lover of nature and of the outdoors.


I live by the motto:
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

We are all individual, each different from the other. This is what makes life colourful & exciting. If we are true to ourselves, our beauty shines regardless of the style we represent.
I come from a background of outdoor living mixed with urban lifestyle. My escape was always to the mountains or west coast. I’m a water baby at heart, a lover of all outdoor adventure & sport, a snuggling mama bear, a life-long learner, a world traveler and have a constant creative urge. I don’t sit for long and if I do, I am moving or making.
My family is the most important thing to me. Although my creative work doesn’t pay as much as my former career, it has allowed me the flexibility to be available to the needs of the most important people in my life and raise healthy well balanced children. I hope they can enjoy life to its fullest and be true to their heart.

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Stone Willow was named after my passion for stones along with the beauty and diversity of willow. Natural stones have their own individual vibration frequencies that assist in balancing our own energy systems. Willow is reflective of a feminine and graceful presence. Together, stone and willow create a synergistic bond of radiance, growth and vitality.

Handmade by artist Nicole of Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada (near Calgary)

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Member of the “Arts in Bragg Creek” collaboration.