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All about Stone Willow

*Q: Where can I view Stone Willow Jewellery?

A: Online through my Etsy storefront – link at top menu bar “ONLINE PURCHASES” or link here: Stone Willow Etsy shop

Stone Willow Newsletter -approx once/year, I’ll send out an email with some helpful articles, what’s new, coupon code and sometimes a mini customer appreciation sale. But, if you are looking to keep up with the most recent product, follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Stone Willow Facebook Page 

Stone Willow Instagram Page

Contact me: [email protected]

*Q: Do you give back to your community?
A: I am a big supporter of organizations that support children, the environment and animals, as well as local community charities.  Stone Willow donated 2%-9.6% of proceeds to charitable organizations every year from 2009 – present).  See my “giving back” section to read in more detail about who I helped out in past years.

 * Q: Do you have Gift Certificates?
A: Yes, Gift Certificates are available – please send me your request to [email protected]    

To redeem a gift certificate, browse my online shop through  Etsy stonewillowjewellery, direct message me with your purchase request.


*Q: What are your payment options?

A: Online payment options via Stone Willow on Etsy

1.Direct Checkout –  credit cards (Visa, MC, American Express, Discover), debit payment, Etsy gift cards, Apple Pay & Google Wallet (US purchasers only), Euro specific payment methods. 

2. Paypal –  Direct Paypal Invoice or use your paypal account (you can also use paypal as a guest – no membership needed). 

Direct purchasing through Stone Willow (Nicole):

1. E-transfer 

2. Credit cards through “Square” 

3. Paypal invoice or Paypal transfer

4. If you wish to pay in cash and pick up your purchase in person, please e-mail or call me first to make arrangements.

* Q: Can I have a different clasp or change one aspect of the jewellery design with something I have seen on another one of your pieces? 
A:  Anything is possible.  Some components are more costly than others.  Send me your specific request and I will quote you a price. 

*Q: Can earrings be made with a different earring component?
A:  Earrings can be designed with an ear wire,  stud and sterling butterfly clutch or lever back.  All components are a high quality .925 sterling silver.  Please request if you would like rubber backings for your ear wires.

Studs/posts – extra $2
Lever backs – extra $5

14K Goldfill also available upon request

* Q: How do I determine the correct size of bracelet for me?
A: Some people like a bracelet fairly snug to their wrist and others like it to hang over the widest part of their hand.

To find your fit:
Measure wrist measurement with a soft measuring tape.
For a snug fit, add 1/2″
For a comfort fit, add 3/4″-1″
For a loose fit, add 1″-1 1/4″
If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, use a piece of string to tie around your wrist. Cut or mark off where the length would overlap. Lie the string flat on a ruler to get your measurement.

*Q: Can I have my jewellery resized?
A: Resizing will be free one time, although shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.  If you need your jewellery resized more than once, charges will be $10 and shipping will be the responsibility of the customer.  Some items such as leather bracelets are permanent in size once made. Please inquire if you need a size adjustment or exchange.

*Q: How do I care for my sterling silver jewellery?
A:  Sterling Silver can tarnish when oxygen and moisture react with the metal.  To prevent tarnishing and to keep your sterling shiny and new looking, keep your jewellery in an airtight container or bag with an agent that removes the moisture such as a piece of carbon paper, a capsule filled with carbon (found in some vitamin containers to wick out moisture), or a fresh pack found in dry foods. For  minor tarnish on sterling, wiping the metal down with a jewellers polishing cloth, will retain the original shine.  For tougher to remove tarnish, a gentle sterling silver cleaner will work.  Avoid using toothpaste as this will scratch your silver. 

For a chemical free alternative – my favourite way of cleaning – buy a fine brass bristle brush at your local lapidary store and brush your jewellery with some liquid dish soap and water.  Let the jewellery dry thoroughly before storing.

DSC_0063 (3)   brass-bristle-cleaning-brush-jewelry-jewellery-clean-lapidary-tool

*Q: What about returns or repairs?
A: Please read the  information section for “RETURNS” and “GUARANTEE” located in the top menu bar.

*Q: What is the difference between a fresh water pearl and a Swarovski Crystal pearl?
A: A freshwater pearl is created when a fresh water mussel has a piece of foreign material inserted into it’s flesh.  The mussel reacts by covering this foreign material with nacre to create its lustrous quality  just as an oyster would do in salt water. Swarovski Crystal pearls are created by covering a crystal core with a pearl coating to imitate a naturally made pearl.  These pearls are very durable and are resistant to scratches, perspiration and perfumes.

*Q: What is lampworked glass?
A: Lampbeads, as they are also called, are handcrafted borosilicate glass that is worked over a hot flame.  These interesting beads are very durable and add interest to any jewellery piece. 

*Q: Is Stone Willow environmentally responsible?
A: Everything that can be recycled is, even down to the smallest piece of plastic.  All packaging that can be reused instead of being recycled, is re-purposed.  To protect our ecosystem, I will not purchase items that will damage the environment such as corals, which are living organisms.  Harvesting corals causes damage to our ecosystem. 
I purchase eco-friendly recycled paper jewellery boxes.