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The combinations of interchangeable earring sets are endless. If you see something that you would like to combine to personalize a set, please don’t be shy to ask.

Interchangeable earring sets come with 1 pair of handmade earwires (either the kidney shape with bottom closure, or the spiral threader earring) and 3 pairs of gemstones or crystals.

Perfect for travel as 1 pair can be worn and the additional stone sets can be brought in a little pill container. Now you are colour coordinated and ready for an evening out.

My spiral threader earrings are perfect travelling companions for both comfort, sleeping, adventure, activities and also interchangeable capabilities.

I have travelled,  back country camped, played in the ocean waves and slept in my spiral threaders for 6 weeks and did not lose one.

I’m not guaranteeing that you won’t loose one, but it’s unlikely if you keep the earring curved as when you purchase them.

Items can be purchased from my Etsy shop: link here