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Sweet Things

Sweet things are made for the minimalist, the petite, the young girl, the sporty, the feminine.

I love making pretty little things and I love even more, the appreciation and compliments that I receive from their new owners.

My newest addition are the love knot earrings made by silver smithing. They begin with sterling silver wire and that is all. I hand cut jump rings to the specific size then each one is soldered. A second ring in connected to the first soldered ring and again, soldered. Once both rings are sealed closed, I solder the 2 rings together while overlapping. Next a post is added to the back by soldering again. Much filing and polishing is needed. This is the most taxing job as the earrings are so small and delicate. Trying to hold on  while the file/sandpaper/polishing brush x 2 goes by is ‘muy dificil’ and time consuming. But they are much worth their value and look so cute on.

Purchases can be made from my Etsy shop: link here