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When you hit the “play button” you are listening to some very talented aspiring young music artists:
Sarah Troy

Sarah Troy, originally from Bragg Creek, had moved on to graduate from Berklee College of Music and now lives in Nashville fully delving into the music industry.  Writing her own music, playing piano, and of course singing/songwriting, Sarah brings a full range of emotions to her music – a true artist.  Over the past 5 years, she has been busy touring and promoting her most recent album in cities including: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, New York, Boston, Gibsons, Canmore, Edmonton and Lethbridge.

The songs that you are listening to on the Stone Willow website are two of my favourites:

“Turned Around” Anoesis album

“Teach Me How to Love” SIXbySIX album

Sarah Troy’s music can be purchased from her website:

SarahTroy Clark-Sarah Troy-Singer-songwriter-


Calum Graham
Listen to ‘Burning Up’

At just 23, Calum Graham has already enjoyed a career that would be the envy of most artists double his age. The Alberta – based guitarist and singer/songwriter has released four acclaimed albums, won major national music competitions, performed at the Olympic Games in both Vancouver and London, racked up some phenomenal views on YouTube, and was most recently named one of the top 30 guitarists in the world under 30 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

One of Calum’s most recent songs and my favourite (heard here on this website) is “Burning Up”.  The Burning Up album can be purchased here 

More information about Calum and his other music on his website